Wedding Invitations {all the bits & pieces}

parts of wedding invitations bits and pieces

For a first time bride, the concept of a wedding invitation can seem pretty simple… a card that tells people the who, what, where and when. Easy, right? But once you start investigating and shopping around, suddenly you realize that there is way more than just an “invitation” involved. What are some of these cards even for???? Well we are here to help break it down for you!


The Absolute Necessities

Okay, so this one is obvious. The key bits of information to make sure you include:  your names, the date and time of the ceremony, and the location.

Reception Card
This one doesn’t have to be it’s own card, but the information must be included (read on to see what we mean). If your reception is at the same location as your ceremony, simply adding something like “reception immediately following” to the bottom of your invitation can be sufficient. On the other hand, if your reception is at a different location, you will need to add the time and location of the reception venue for your guests. Again, you could append this to the bottom of your invitation wording, but in this case a card of its own would be better suited so as not to make things too crowded on the invitation itself.

Reply Card
You need to know how many guests to plan for right? So this one is a no-brainer.  Along with a place for your guest to write their name(s), make sure you include an RSVP date. You still may wind up with some stragglers, but this should get most people to respond in a timely manner. If your caterer is offering meal options, this is also the time to have your guests make their selections. And finally, remember to place postage on the return envelopes. It’s just good etiquette!

wedding invitations bits and pieces


Informational Cards

Direction Card
In this day and age of GPS in our cars and phones, you may be wondering why would I need to provide directions?? Well, it’s important to remember that not everyone is tech savvy. After-all, you don’t want grandma and grandpa getting lost do you? Just something to keep in mind of your ceremony and/or reception venue is a little off the beaten path.

Accommodations Card
This information is only relevant to couples who are reserving rooms for their out-of-town guests. Or for those having destination weddings. People are more likely to make the trip if they know they can easily make reservations at a nearby hotel. Be sure to include the address and contact information for each accommodation location and if there is a date they must book by to receive a special rate, make sure to include that as well.

Wedding Website Card
Wedding websites have been steadily growing in popularity over the last decade. It is an easy way to convey all sorts of information, including those listed above, to your guests. But… your guests have to know the site exists to make good use of it! That’s where the wedding website card comes into play. It can eliminate the need for all cards save the invitation itself and reply card. In fact, some sites even have the ability to collect RSVP’s for you thus eliminating that card as well. But please remember the not so tech savvy bunch and make sure you have someone such as one of your parents pass along necessary details if you decide to go this route.


Pretty Little Details

Pocket Cards
A convenient yet beautiful way to keep a wedding suite that includes several enclosure cards organized for your guests.

Belly Bands
Again, another way to help keep all of the cards in your invitation suite nice and neat. Bands also give you a chance to add a little personality and style to what might otherwise be a simple invitation.

One of our favorite little touches are Swarovski® crystal embellishments. These can be added anywhere you like on your stationery for some added sparkle.

Fabric whether it’s in the form of a ribbon tied around your pocket card or burlap enveloping your invitation, can really add some depth and tactile beauty to an invitation suite’s overall design.

brooches, pearls, glitter, paper boxes, silk boxes, tulle, vellum…..


What Else Do I Need?

When ordering your wedding invitation suite, you’ll also want to think about other important paper items for your wedding day and beyond, including your ceremony programs, menu cards, table numbers, escort cards, and thank you note stationery. While not all of these items have to match your invitation, they should all fit with the overall theme and style of your wedding.