Money Saving Digital Wedding Invitation Trends for 2016

victorian-roses-wedding-invitation vintage watercolor floral white ink
From calligraphy to gold ink, here are the hottest digital money saving trends in wedding invitations for the coming year…



Digital Gold and Silver printing has enabled metallic gold and silver ink printing on card stocks and papers at a lower cost and quicker turnaround as there are no plates required or expensive set up fees to accomplish this type of printing. This new printing option is a great alternative to costly foil stamping for the more budget conscious couple.

flourished-script-wedding-invitation gold metallic



Digital Calligraphy allows for ornate designs and fanciful flourishes without the expense of having your invitation had lettered. There are countless font options that will give your invitation the luxe look of hand lettering without the price-tag.


Similarly to digital calligraphy, Digital Watercolor also saves money by eliminating the time consuming task of hand watercolor painting each individual invitation piece. You still get the same look and when done the with right inks and papers by an expert stationer, your guests will most likely never know the difference.

daydream-wedding-invitation watercolor wedding

scrolls-and-stripes-wedding-invitation gold white ink printing


Printing processes have come a long way since the days of your grandparents or even parents. White ink only being an option for couples with grand budgets is now a thing of the past. New white ink digital printing technology has opened the door for most any budget to have the grand look of white ink on rich dark papers.

If you fell in love with any of the techniques or designs mentioned/pictured above, get in touch and we would be happy to give you a personalized estimate for your wedding or event stationery.