How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

Color plays such an important role at any event and I think even more so at a wedding. It can convey…



If you want your color scheme to match your personality, consider these descriptions of colors:

Red: passionate, loyal, impulsive, luxurious, dramatic

Orange: spicy, zesty, fun-loving, spontaneous, boisterous, trendy

Yellow: spiritual, cheerful, sweet, outdoorsy

Green: wise, balanced, harmonized, affectionate, refined

Blue: tranquil, patient, wise, balanced, lovable

Introspective: royal or pale blue

Extroverted: turquoise or aqua

Purple: outgoing, tolerant, witty, charming, sweet, passionate

Pink: compassionate, sweet, feminine, demure, romantic

Black: elegant, classic, mysterious, dignified, sexy, sophisticated

Rainbow: trendy, unconventional, fun, playful



If you’re having a seasonal or holiday-themed wedding, you might want to stick to theses tried and true seasonal color schemes.

Spring: pale, not much contrast: think of the first blooms of the yearShades of purple, pink, or greenUse soft palettes of watercolors and pastels

Summer: hot or bright pops of color: think of your favorite parts of summer, such as swimming, fireworks, and popsiclesAvoid all-over neon which can overwhelm the sensesUse paler colors with bright accents instead

Autumn: earthy tones: think of falling leaves, bare tree, persimmon, dark mossy green, deep marigold neutrals with chocolate browns

Winter: rich tones to contrast the bareness of winter: think of the holidays – Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s DayRich shades of red, blue, or purple metallics

And don’t forget to make sure your invitations and wedding stationery coordinate with your color scheme. 😉

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