7 Tips For Bachelorette Party Bashing On A Budget

budget bachelorette party tips

7 Tips for a Budget Bachelorette Party

It feels like it happens every year as a millennial; you glance at your calendar at the beginning of the season and you realize your weekends are outright booked for the next three months. Weddings, showers, bachelorettes, birthdays, and barbecues…all of that celebrating can really add up! In the spirit of keeping everyone and their wallet happy, we’ve got a few ideas to share for bachelorette bashing… on a budget.

1. Set the budget before you plan anything. Before you send out that mass email (subject line: Bachelorette Weekend in Napa!!!) collect some info on how much the attendees are comfortable spending. We recommend creating an anonymous survey using a site like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms. It’s helpful to have a working budget before you get your heart set on any big ideas.
2. Keep it local. If you’re fortunate enough to have your best friends nearby, this one can be a no-brainer. Keeping your party closer to home base helps keep coordinating to a minimum, while also saving a few pennies. Consider a bar crawl through your home city, dinner at a hip new restaurant, or a spa-day at the hotel down the street. Knowing your city inside and out can help to find the best deals, and make for a sentimental bach, while you and your besties (literally) walk down memory lane. If you can’t think of anything to do, check deal sites like Groupon and Living Social for loads entertainment in your own backyard.

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